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HID Asure ID 86414 Exchange Software Description

Asure ID Exchange 7 is the ID card software needed for sophisticated card applications that operate over a corporate network. Asure ID Exchange 7 provides advanced smart card functionality including HID Global’s Lumidigm® fingerprint biometric enrollment with the iDIRECTOR encoding and management module. Asure ID Exchange 7 also offers real-time connectivity and data exchange (with multiple databases, multiple sheets) with a wide range of databases-including Oracle, MySQL, LDAP, and DVTel.An intuitive, Microsoft Office-inspired interface
While Asure ID Exchange 7 is powerful and feature-rich, it’s also easy to use! The Microsoft Office-inspired interface makes photo ID card design and data entry a snap! The Microsoft «ribbon»-inspired toolbar keeps frequently-used features within easy reach, while tabbed navigation allows you to easily switch between card design and data entry. Take advantage of simplified processes in Asure ID Exchange 7 that make capturing and loading photos easy. With Asure ID Exchange 7, you also have the flexibility to add a cardholder signature, a 1-D or 2-D barcode or magnetic stripe to store information specific to the cardholder.User-friendly design tools
Keep your workspace organized with pop-out control palettes that allow you to hide colors and attributes until they are needed. A what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) display shows you exactly how your card will look when printed. Asure ID even «remembers» where you left; at startup, Asure ID will load the last template you used. Asure ID Exchange 7 also allows you to set conditional design and print rules to ensure a consistent card design.Advanced smart card encoding tools
Improve smart card encoding and management with iDIRECTOR, an encoding module that is designed for advanced credential applications. iDIRECTOR supports iCLASS and HID PROX, as well as MIFARE®and DESFire®card serial number reading. It also manages card memory and loads multiple smart card applications in one encoding pass.Data at your fingertips (internal database, Oracle, MySQL, LDAP, DVTel)
The built-in Microsoft Access database allows you to store your templates and cardholder data. Asure ID Exchange 7 software also allows you to access real-time data from most third party database applications via Live Link. With Live Link, you can connect to Microsoft Access, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, LDAP, and DVTel databases. It also allows for ODBC import and export. A Quick Filter option allows you to quickly access any field within the database, plus Global Find extends this convenience across all linked databases and templates. Supports biometric enrollment
Asure ID Exchange 7 offers increased support for biometric enrollment, allowing users to store fingerprint templates for smart cards in an external database via Live Link real-time data exchange. This reflects the growing trend of integrating multiple technologies on a single credential for greater security, and is particularly pertinent to healthcare, corporate enterprise, and government applications where biometric enrollment is a standard component of fraud prevention.Customized reporting
Manipulating data with filtering, sorting and grouping is easy with Asure ID Exchange 7! You can easily create and save standard and custom reports. Optional SIF Agent add-on
Asure ID 7 Exchange meets the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) standard, allowing consistent data sharing and eliminating double data entry and inconsistencies across other SIF-compliant schools and districts. Increased security with password protection
Ensure only authorized users have access to your Asure ID 7 Exchange ID software program with built-in password protection. It also allows you to define access privileges for each user.
Automatic notification of updates
With Asure ID 7, you’ll stay up-to-date with automatic notifications of free software updates. With this, your ID software will never be outdated and you’ll always have access to the latest features.

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